The Emblem of the University of Warsaw. The History of the Symbol on the Seals from the University Museum

This richly illustrated publication presents the history and symbolism of the emblem of the University of Warsaw. In the first part the author describes the circumstances of establishing the emblem in 1817, the ideological content expressed by the symbols considered at the time, the reasons for choosing the White Eagle as a key element of the emblem, its relations to the University seals and new signs of University identity existing after the abolition of the original emblem. The second part contains a study of an unrecognized sphragistic system of the University. The third part is a catalogue of seal matrices preserved in the University Museum.

Niebieska, twarda okładka książki Godło Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. Dzieje symbolu na pieczęciach uczelni ze zbiorów Muzeum UW.