The University of Warsaw Museum would like to invite you to take its virtual tours

We begin the first one by the entrance to the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace, where the the University of Warsaw Museum is located. We visit the impressive Billiard and Dining Rooms, housing the Museum exhibition, and the magnificent Ballroom, and finally the Corner Hall, which offers a spectacular view of Krakowskie Przedmieście Street.

A tour of the university interiors enables you to visit the Old University Library, the Column Hall in the Former Museum Building (and learn about Michelangelo’s art), the seat of the University authorities, i.e. the Kazimierz Palace, the aristocratic Uruski-Czetwertyński Palace, now housing the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, huge lecture halls of Auditorium Maximum and modern halls in the historic building of the Auditorium Pavilion.

The third tour allows you to admire the beauty of the entire Main Campus, its rich and varied architecture and greenery.

About the Museum

The University of Warsaw Museum is an institution tasked with collecting, researching and popularising the heritage of our University and its community. During the four decades of its existence, the Museum has collected tens of thousands of artefacts of commemorative and artistic value that document the progress of Polish science and the history of the University of Warsaw. These include University insignia and symbols, works of art, scientific instruments, memorabilia of outstanding teachers and students, valuable publications and photographs.

The Museum was founded 20th September 1980, but is the heir to a much older tradition, dating back to the founding of the University in 1816. About 20 cabinets had been organised in the first departments of the University of Warsaw; they housed scientific and art collections. Their purpose had been to conduct scientific research and to act as teaching aids, yet over time they became a way to disseminate knowledge among the general public, in a similar fashion to modern museums. Our institution wants to preserve this heritage, while emphasising the continuity of the academic tradition and the community that has survived the most difficult periods in the history of the University.

Get to know the Museum collections, created over the last 40 years, documenting the two century long history of the University of Warsaw, through our exhibitions, publications and on-line presentations. Forty of the most interesting objects from the history of the University have been selected for the special anniversary exhibition.

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